Sound Off


Great job

I was in the Jackson County Justice Court this morning with Judge Shelia Osgood presiding. I have spent many years working in courts in Tennessee as a probation officer. I have never seen a more professional, courteous, concerned, understanding and kind judge as Judge Shelia Osgood. She is a credit to the justice system. Thank you, your honor.

How good?

If Alabama beat LSU by 29 points and Ole Miss by 55 points and Clemson beat Alabama by 28 points, just how good is Clemson?

The right thing

Traveling by air from Gulfport to other airports? Please thank each TSA agent for their patriotism and sacrifice. It's the right thing to do.

Pet peeve

One of my pet peeves: it's not IN-surance, folks, it's in-SUR-ance.

More votes

A border without proper levels of barriers, personnel and surveillance technology is like a voter without identification. The common motive for these two: more votes for the party who advocates them.

Getting paid?

Are members of Congress getting paid during the shutdown?

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