Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 8, 2019

Is it a law?

Is it a law that all manhole covers must be either 6 inches above or below any new road surface? Must be.

Another way

Instead of a bridge to Deer Island, how about a tunnel?

City service

There is a public service provided by Biloxi that if you text the number, the city will send you a message whenever there is a traffic problem. They will tell you what and where the problem is so that you can avoid it.

Loving it

I see Trump has offered a steel barrier as an option for "The Wall.” I guess he's forgotten that a lot of our steel today comes from China and he's established big tariffs on stuff from there. The Chinese are going to love to see him coming.

Wall needed

Surveillance of our southern border, by drone, satellite or other, will not stop illegal entries. You would have to have a border agent about every 50 yards, 24-7, receiving that information to even have a chance. That is not feasible for a 2,000 mile border. The border agents and everyone associated with them, the real experts, say we need a fence or wall.

No time to wait

I recently had to renew my driver’s license. Had a rude awakening at the Department of Public Safety on Mississippi 67. The large room seating capacity was filled. People were streaming in. I was number 68 in line. There were two clerks working. A friend told me she had waited six hours and then they were told that the computers were down and would not be back up "today." What's going on here? We are working people. We cannot take the day off to sit and wait. We should not have to. Come on you "powers" that be and get working people some help. This is totally unacceptable and unbelievable in this electronic age.

Keeping a log

Why can't local police departments have patrol officers report traffic signals that need recalibrating to ease traffic congestion? Too many are out of sink. Also, add to that duty the reporting of dangerous potholes, street lights that are out or malfunctioning, faded center-lines, fog lines and other road markings that block or impair a driver's vision at intersections. Patrol officers are out on our streets and roads 24/7 and come across these problems daily and with little effort could log them and report to their shift commander. Just protecting a serving their communities as the motto on their vehicles proclaim.

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