Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 7, 2019

Mixed signal?

I’m confused by the traffic sign at the north end of the Popp’s Ferry Causeway, suggesting that you “text” their number for traffic info. Sending a mixed signal.


Trump says he’s prepared to shut down the government for years. How does he prepare? Workers have no way to be prepared for that! They lose everything when they lose a paycheck.

Doesn’t work

Yep, Texas has “Left Lane for Passing Only” signs and drivers just ignore them as they do the “Slower Traffic Keep Right” signs in Mississippi.

Bottom line

It’s amazing how much money all the lawyers and their clients’ ads on TV indicate they receive. It would be nice to hear how much is received after lawyers take their cut.

Signs of enforcement

Congratulations to the cities and counties that actively enforce their regulations prohibiting signs on utility poles and in the public right of way. These signs violate local codes and ordinances and are just plain trashy. If these signs are your idea of effective advertising, count me out as a customer. Did I mention that they are just plain trashy looking?

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