Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 6, 2019

History repeats

How is that “fire Pelosi” thing working out, Congressman Palazzo?

A better look

Played at Great Southern Golf Club lately? Things are shaping up. Still work to be done, but the course is once again in good playable shape, and, as always, one of the most fun courses to play here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This grand old golf course is a true gem on our Mississippi Gulf Coast that deserves our support. With the improvements that have been made, and those that will be made going forward, it’s time for the Coast’s golfers to put Great Southern back on our radars.

Wanna bet?

I’m betting Trump’s government shutdown will last 22 days to break the currently longest shutdown record of 21 days and get his name in the books. Let’s see.

Naming rights

I do not know how the government shutdown can be called the Trump shutdown when the Senate will not even consider a funding bill to keep the government open. The news people of Mississippi should refer to the shutdown as the Sens. Wicker and Hyde-Smith shutdown.

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