Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 5, 2019

Touching moment

Best part of Christmas TV is seeing our overseas military men and women wishing their families here on the Coast a merry Christmas while they serve our country away from home. It is very touching.

Say it correctly

What is so difficult about pronouncing Gulfport correctly? It is not Goff-port. If you can pronounce Tchoutacabouffa, please work on Gulfport. Thank you.

Feeling outraged

My heart breaks for the family that lost a daughter to the drunk driver as well as the judge whose son caused the death. However, I am enraged that the DUI highway patrolman would use his uniform to request leniency for a death caused by drinking. I would hope he has been reprimanded or even seeking a new position for his actions. Tired of uniforms being used to buy power.

Surprise request

We tried to be law-abiding citizens today and register our new to us vehicle. Why in the world would the Harrison County tax collector insist that we have to prove that the previous owner paid his Louisiana taxes? They say that the law requires it, but I can't find that in the statutes.

Real reason?

Donald Trump put a poster of himself on the table for all to see at a cabinet meeting. People wonder what made him do such a thing and it could be that he couldn’t get a big mirror in.

Paying the tax

Congratulations to the two game show winners. Word of caution ... my son won big on both “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” and was shocked to learn that contestants are considered an employee of Merv Griffin. As such, California and Mississippi state tax had to be paid. Nothing is free.

Wise up

Wise up, “Best play.” I am “working people,” too, but I don’t waste my money on sports and I don’t suffer through endless advertisements for sports.

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