Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 4, 2019

Winning the green

Our Coast residents were awesome on “Wheel of Fortune.” What a joyful front page on Thursday. Check out the colors in front of them — gold, purple, and they won the green.

Getting tiresome

A large number of business people enter the downtown Gulfport Post Office daily to check their PO box mail. Rarely can one enter that place now without being hit upon by panhandlers for money. Usually they sit on the benches in front of the building. However, a few days ago one of them was actually acting as a doorman for people entering the building, hoping for money which he did get. This is so tiresome for those of us who have to go there daily for our mail and we shouldn't have to deal with it.

A cheaper way

The United States has a legal obligation to control border access. It seems to me that a one-time cost of a wall would be cheaper and more effective in the long run than paying a large number of border patrol agents — not to mention the risk of physical harm incurred by the agents as well as by the illegals they are charged to apprehend.

Never recovered

Let’s adopt the Magnolia flag with the star in the upper left corner. It’s a flag to be proud of and will give us pride to let go of the past and start fresh. This flag we have now reminds me of how we lost so much to a point where we have never recovered.

Change the signs

The signs on the highways need to be changed from “slower traffic keep right” to “left lane for passing only.” Enforce it. It works in Texas.


Warranted or not, I ask the question what kind of good citizen would want to go to a hanging?

No feelings

Donald Trump can be tough when he and his money are not in peril. He has no feeling for the thousands that will have homes in peril because of money due that is not coming.

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