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Right and wrong

Really? I'm sure in every DUI accident the person didn't intend to do it. But a judge’s son? He should have known better.

Why testify?

Regarding the story about the tragic death of the young woman by the drunk driver in Leakesville, I was appalled when I read that the highway patrolman, who was a former police officer recognized for 300 DUI arrests in one year, would testify on the defendant’s behalf to request leniency. I wonder if he also tried to help the other 300 individuals he arrested for DUI. I bet not. Just cannot believe that he would have even considered testifying in this case, especially with his prestige as a DUI officer.

The necessities

As long as I have my chewing tobacco and my Rebel flag, Mississippi will be all right with me.

In the trash

Couldn’t believe my eyes. I received a brochure in the mail from Congressman Palazzo boasting of his importance and achievements in Congress. It had a tear-off questionnaire of three questions to mail back to him. He has frank postage privileges so it could have been return postage paid, but not so. If you responded, you must pay postage. Trash can it went.

A new flake?

Looks like we have a new flake in the U.S. Senate replacing the retiring Flake from Utah.

Print this

I can't ignore how many times your newspaper has referred to Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's statement about public hanging. Public hanging refers to death sentences mandated by law and prescribed by a judge. Color or race has no bearing. Lynching, however, was done by a mob with no regard to law or morality. Big difference. You printed answer to Q's question, print this.

Quality of life

The Coast seems to be booming, but what is the real impact? The new businesses added in 2018 ... did they boost local coffers for the cities or counties of the Coast? How about wages? Did the new businesses bring a wave of living wage jobs? We learn about millions in new building permits but how has it really impacted the prosperity of coastal residents? Our talented young people are still leaving in droves. Our education system is still lacking. Teachers and first responders are near the bottom of the living wage scale. Cities are building the streets of the 1950s, boardwalks to nowhere, and envision ugly concrete drains to the Sound. How can we toast economic development that apparently is not improving the quality of lives on the Coast?

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