Sound Off

Sound Off for Jan. 2, 2018

Say nothing

My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, if you will, at the end of the day. Oh yeah, and quit using these stupid phrases that say nothing.

Two things

In response to “Funding Lesson,” have you actually been in a school recently? Some of our schools do have the latest technology. However, no technology, no matter how advanced, will be adequate in the face of two things. Poor teaching and poor parenting will not be overcome by the latest iPad. We need teachers who can teach. We need parents who love their children and actually act like parents.

Scam alert

The first clue should have been a company trying to refund you for a product that did not meet it’s obligation. Does that ever really happen?

Support the kids

People should really attend and support more of their local high school sports, music, theater and other activities. It’s cheap, quality entertainment that won’t break the bank. The kids work hard and should be shown some kudos. They give people and students a sense of community and belonging. And they’re just plain a safe positive alternative to sitting alone in a room staring at a techno gizmo, or being out on the streets looking for something negative as young people do. I’m writing this after attending a few local basketball games. I was amazed at the low turn out and empty bleachers for some pretty great games.

Too much gov.

With over 50 years of working in government and with government, I am against ‘big government’ because I have witnessed a government of inefficiency, fraud and waste. While there are many government employees that are very effective and honest in their work, there are also many who have little or no fear of being fired and have therefore taken a place at the “trough of doing just enough to look busy.” In one of my government assignments, I was warned to “slow down…you’re making us look bad!”

Not feasible

To “Reject fossil fuels entirely,” not feasible and those that preach it, certainly don’t. We have in our country enough natural gas to supply all of our energy needs for 100 years. Obama opposed getting it, Trump has started. It is much cleaner-burning than the others. Everything you buy, use or have, relied on fossil fuels, to be developed, built or transported.

Money flow

In response to “It’s Not Enough,” you’re absolutely right! There should be much better mental health care available to people in this country. It would prevent depression, suicides, and yes, murder. Instead, we’re providing top-notch medical care, food, clothing, transportation and shelter for illegal immigrants.

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