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Sound Off for Jan. 1, 2019


Excellent article on the death of the young women in Leakesville. Two comments, shame on the “character witnesses” for the young man, and he is typical of some of today’s youth in that his parents blame everyone else but him and themselves for his drinking and carefree lifestyle that cost the young ladies life.


I don’t agree with the Saints’ strategy. It backfired on them, and they lost the game. They should have played their regulars to keep them from getting rusty for the playoffs!

Best play

I get why football teams bench their best players at the end of the season when games don’t matter, but they do matter. Working people shell out big bucks for tickets and suffer through endless advertisements to see the best players play. It’s professional sports, they should always play their best.

Historical myth

By its completely lopsided loss to Clemson, once again Notre Dame shows that it only gets into the College Football Playoffs due to its reputation, not its ability.

Washed out

You think the potholes are bad? You should travel Airey Tower Road in Harrison County. We’ve dubbed it “washboard road.” It is absolutely terrible. And it’s been that way since it was repaved a few years back. I often wonder who pocketed the windfall from the bidding process for that road.

Changing terms

I see that Amanda McCoy used the term “queer“ in her photo description Sunday speaking of Devin Ladner. When did that cease to be an epithet? It is hard keeping up with proper terminology these days.

Editor’s note: “Once considered a pejorative term, queer has been reclaimed by some LGBT people to describe themselves,” GLAAD says. Read more about terminology at

Seed finder

After reading the recent article about seed catalogs, I did the research suggested by the author. Here are his go-to catalogs: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Johnny’s Selected Seeds and Seeds of Change

George Thatcher

What a wonderful life and we on the Gulf Coast were truly blessed to have him as an author and friend! May he rest in peace!

Worthy of mention

When listing top sports stories on the Gulf Coast, let’s also give the Gulfport High School Boys soccer team and their coach credit for winning the 6A State Championship. It was an amazing accomplishment.

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