Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 31, 2018

How they voted

Thank you so much for providing the public with the “roll call” section of the paper.

Not enough

It is so sad to read that a young man killed himself in jail. I hope there is adequate mental health services available to inmates since the majority of them probably need it or they wouldn’t be in jail in the first place. As far as mental health services in the community, it is extremely poor especially when it takes three months to get an appointment. Even worse, when there is no psychiatric bed available when one is in a crisis. Something needs to be done.

No more spills

Oil can be transported by pipes or trains. Both can be dangerous. The Sound Off posts missed the point. It’s to reject fossil fuels entirely and go to clean energy.

Grocery needed

Gautier has only one grocery store, unlike Ocean Springs. The old Singing River Mall is still here, and it is not on wetlands. Aldi, please come to Gautier.

Find higher ground

Go ahead, Ocean Springs, and fill 20 or 30 acres of wetlands so you can have a grocery store. More flooding? Let the taxpayer suck it up. Find some high ground and put the grocery store there.

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