Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 30, 2018

Hostage situation

How, in all good conscience, can the elected politicians of this country allow a partial shutdown of the government and hold the public hostage while they are on a paid vacation!


When societies become highly unequal (egalitarianism is destroyed) they tend to become more revolutionary. There is more discontent and revolt. This is what we see today. People are getting very upset about massive inequality and acting against it. Populism on both the left and right is a result of this.


The Harrison County public libraries appreciate receiving used magazines – and use them.

Funding lesson

This is in response to the person wondering how much casino money is going to schools. Instead of the powers that be placing casino money earmarked for education in a specific account for that, it is still being placed the the state’s general fund. I see a problem here. Mississippi also has the nation’s highest-paid state superintendent with the lowest paid teachers. I see another problem here. Schools need new, up-to-date technology to even attempt to keep up. Does anyone else see problems?

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