Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 29, 2018

Nice try

I received a call last week from a supposed software company going out of business. They wanted to refund the cost of the software because they were not able to fulfill their obligations. They wanted to deposited the refund directly into my account, not send a refund check. I laughed and hung up.

Medical scam

Seniors beware. We are being bombarded with calls offering “free medical equipment.” I recently received a free, doctor-approved, elastic back brace. It was a little fancier than one you can buy locally, for less than $50. When it got my Medicare report, I found they paid over $1,100 for it and it was made in Italy! I don’t know how this stuff gets by the Medicare inspectors, but it needs to stop!

Real issues

Instead of focusing on anti-issues, we need to be focused on what’s happening with youth. Suicide and death from drugs rates are up. Health issues have increased and prevention is ignored. Climate changes threatens their future for clean air and water. These causes should be non-partisan, not at the control of businesses with only profits as their agenda.

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