Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 27, 2018


This hybrid owner supports the surcharge for road maintenance. Toll roads have no bearing on the discrepancy between the fees levied on conventional cars and those levied on hybrids via gas tax. No conventional car uses less gas than my hybrid which often registers 250+ MPG and never less than 60 MPG. There are probably conventional cars that cost their owners less than $70 a year in gas tax, but until a fairer method is devised, the surcharge is appropriate. Which is why so many states (now 17) have applied it.

Win the Super Bowl?

The Saints have been lucky. The last few games have been decided not by overpowering the opponent but by interceptions and recovering fumbles. Lucky strikes.

Happy or merry

All my life I have had ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas read to me. The last line was always Merry Christmas to all, not Happy Christmas to all. What happened, and which one is correct?

Fix it

It pains me deeply that this issue of potholes may never be resolved. Martin Bluff Road in Gautier is the worst. They seem to skate about fixing the road. After every rain they just fill it. The city real needs to get their properties in check.

Waiting game

My wife and I went to the 4 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass. We got there at 3:25 and were able to find a seat. There was a woman already sitting there by herself saving an entire row. At 3:30 people were already standing due to no seats. This woman proceeds to save this entire row until her “crew” had the audacity to come in at 4:10 — ten minutes after Mass had started. I can understand saving a seat for a person while they are parking the car but it is not right for someone who gets to church 30 minutes early have to stand while some people get there as church starts or in this case 4:10. The church needs to address this.

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