Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 26, 2018


The Walter Anderson Players certainly has a hit on its hands with its production of “Scrooge The Musical!” The sets and costumers are eye-catching. The acting, singing and dancing are spot on too. Anthony Kalberg plays Scrooge to the hilt and brought me and my family to tears several times. Hats off to a great show!

Follow the law

Please be thoughtful of you’re neighbors this New Year’s Eve. Fireworks negatively effect so many of our citizens; elderly, PTSD sufferers, veterans small children, pets etc. Fireworks are illegal within city limits so please show some compassion and consideration to those who abide by the law. Nobody said don’t shoot them, just shoot them in the county or in designated areas. Thanks!

Time to build

The answer to my Christmas list and the problem of rear-end accidents on Popps Ferry Road is to build the connector that was discussed some 15 years ago. That would get a lot of the traffic off of Popps Ferry.

Different prices

I recently had a health issue which required an extended hospital stay. I received a partial statement from Medicare/insurance which showed a charge of $695.00. The amount paid by Medicare/ insurance was $ 112.00 (only 16.2 % of the original bill). Can an individual who has no insurance negotiate this amount of a discount? I think it is time for our medical institutions come clean and charge all patients what is reasonable and is expected, not some pie in the sky price.

Not exactly fair

I have doubts that the hybrid “owner” who supports the new tax really owns one, especially since the surcharge given was incorrect. If following the lead of a few other states doing it is such an influence, why not follow the lead of a much larger majority of states who have toll roads. Not saying I support toll roads, but that’s one way of getting those who use roads to pay for them. There are fuel-efficient vehicles which get almost the gas mileage of my hybrid, so shouldn’t they too be assessed? The proceeds from the lottery and internet sales tax are supposed to go toward road repair. Why penalize those who spent extra money (and thus more sales tax) for a vehicle to try to do something positive for the environment?


I don’t get the lawsuit by Jim Hood against opioid distributors. What difference does it make if there are 1 million or 10 billion opioid capsules in a warehouse if a prescription is required to get those from a pharmacy to an end user? I don’t see the responsibility of the distributors to the opioid crisis. Unless Mr. Hood is alleging that pills were distributed directly from the warehouses, and the article did not state that.

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