Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 24, 2018

Good job

Many thanks to the U.S. 90 paving crew. Conscientious, well organized and excellent work. Slightly inconvenient, but they keep us moving. Plus, I get a lot less unexpected chiropractic adjustments with the now smooth road.

Paint job please

All I want for Christmas is a paint job on my ugly house. It’s the most unsightly one in the neighborhood.

Love the idea

Great idea. Let people who support the wall buy bonds to build it.

The promise

I will fully support Rep. Palazzo's "border bonds" to pay for the wall only if Mexico agrees to repay both the principle and the interest and not one cent to repay them comes from the American taxpayers. That was the promise made by our president over and over again.

Unable to learn

To the person who said the NYT article was a hatchet job and will stop reading the paper if it continues to print things he doesn't believe and are upsetting to him, ask yourself why you are so intolerant that you are unable to consider the opinions of others. Closed minds are unable to learn.

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