Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 21, 2018

Good job

Thank you WLOX-TV news for the new young blood.

Doomed to fail?

U.S. Rep. Palazzo's plan to introduce legislation to sell "Border Bonds" is a waste of time and is doomed to fail primarily because bonds must be repaid with interest to the investor and Congress will not agree to this.

Behind the curve?

Palazzo's bond idea for a border wall Trump promised Mexico would build, not me, again shows how the only legislation he authors is always behind the curve. There are not enough votes, even with the GOP, to pass appropriations for a wall for the world's safest border.

A sad affair

Driving through certain neighborhoods in the Christmas season is a sad affair. A lot of the decorations are alive at night and dead in the daytime.

Not going there

Any business that makes me go through Facebook for their information has lost my business. There’s no reason not to have their own Web site, both their own and a Facebook presence if they want. With all the personal data grabbing, selling, and user manipulation Facebook does, I want as little interaction with it as possible.

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