Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 20, 2018

A suggestion

Due to the recent number of rear-end collisions on Popp’s Ferry Road, I thought I would offer this suggestion for drivers: Quit tailgating.

Good idea?

Border bonds are completely logical. Conservatives will want to help finance the effort to build the wall. After all, liberals nationwide are inviting refugees into their homes to rescue them from sequestration at the border. Wait. They’re not? Never mind.

Aligning with Trump

As a fellow catholic and American, I am ashamed of Congressman Palazzo. Instead of taking care of all of God's people, he has decided to align himself with Trump and his nonsensical wall. Bethink yourselves.

Acknowledge facts

“Go Trump” needs to acknowledge facts. He/she said, “If Americans had wanted ... Hillary” she would be president now. Fact: more than three million Americans voted for Hillary than for Trump. He is president because of our electoral system, not because more Americans wanted him.

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