Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 19, 2018

No study needed

There is no study needed. Want to slow traffic on Magnolia Avenue? Speed bumps.

Speak up

When I hear people talk negatively about Mississippi, I speak up and take up for our state. I usually start by correcting facts they have wrong. Until others start speaking and taking up for Mississippi, we will always be looked upon negatively. First of all, we are not always last in everything.

Thanks Trump

It looks like Trump’s ridiculous government shutdown may happen. My federal employee essential personnel husband will have to work without pay while others stay home ruining everyone’s Christmas. At the same time costing millions in lost revenues and to restart the government. Thanks, Trump.

Go Trump

Donald Trump beat out 16 seasoned Republican candidates, defied the Hillary Clinton machine, and mocked the entire fake news media that had assembled to take him down. Bill Kristol, editor of the Conservative Weekly Standard magazine, was one of those Republicans who decided to assist the liberals in taking down Trump. The only result is the magazine will close its pages after 23 years. If Americans had wanted any one of those other 16 or Hillary, they would be president right now.

Bunch of liberals

If I want to read articles from the New York Times or Washington Post, I would subscribe to those liberal news sources. However, I subscribe to the Sun Herald and pay good money for such. Keep up with the aforementioned news sources to fill your newspaper for readers and I'll cancel my subscription. The hatchet job on Cindy Hyde-Smith by the New York Times with photo on the front page of your newspaper is an indication of how far the Sun Herald has joined the liberal network.

Go further

The Sun Herald does fine as far as I’m concerned on reporting crime news. People need to know the who, where and when of a crime for their own safety. But, go a step further and report the outcomes of the trials and the sentences that these criminals receive. Let us know our judicial system is working and doling out justice.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy is in decline because jobs are in decline.

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