Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 18, 2018

Great job

Thank you, thank you, to the person who turned in my purse I left in a buggy at the Pass Christian Walmart Saturday. You know who you are, and God knows who you are.

Stop the tax

Food is the only thing we all need, even if we don’t own a car or property. Stop the tax on food. Seniors, families with children and singles all would appreciate that.

Stay home

In a movie theater, you get the no cell phones advertisement early on before the movie starts. Unfortunately that didn't happen in the ballet yesterday. And it was sorely needed. What is wrong with people who think it is OK to disturb those around them during a performance? If you have no more respect than that for the performers, maybe you should have stayed at home.

Lose the phone

For the past hour I tried to watch the show. Unfortunately the adult female next to me spent most of that time on and off her phone. I know the tickets weren't cheap. You have a problem if you can't put your phone down for one hour and pay attention to the entertainment you paid for.

No study needed

There is no study needed. Want to slow traffic on Magnolia Avenue? Speed bumps.

Speak up

When I hear people talk negatively about Mississippi, I speak up and take up for our state. I usually start by correcting facts they have wrong. Until others start speaking and taking up for Mississippi, we will always be looked upon negatively. First of all, we are not always last in everything.

Thanks Trump

It looks like Trump’s ridiculous government shutdown may happen. My federal employee essential personnel husband will have to work without pay while others stay home ruining everyone’s Christmas. At the same time costing millions in lost revenues and to restart the government. Thanks, Trump.

Go Trump

Donald Trump beat out 16 seasoned Republican candidates, defied the Hillary Clinton machine, and mocked the entire fake news media that had assembled to take him down. Bill Kristol, editor of the Conservative Weekly Standard magazine, was one of those Republicans who decided to assist the liberals in taking down Trump. The only result is the magazine will close its pages after 23 years. If Americans had wanted any one of those other 16 or Hillary, they would be president right now.

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