Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 17, 2018

Thanks so much

A heartfelt thanks to the Keesler AFB medical staff. I recently underwent outpatient surgery and the total experience made my eyes water with gratitude. The professional manner, attention to duty and concerned patient care I received made me even prouder to be a retired member of the U.S. Air Force. May God bless you all.

Gave us hope

In 2005, several months after Katrina destroyed our lovely Coast, I was at work on Keesler Air Force Base. The lady I worked with said, "listen." It was a train horn we heard. What a happy sound it was to our ears. We new then that things were on the way to being normal. That train horn gave us hope after devastation.

Stop the tax

I agree. Let’s get rid of food taxes. I really hate paying property taxes, gas taxes and for car tags also.

Different exit

No worries references traffic caused by Rouses taking over the old Winn Dixie. There are several points to exit from the parking lot that don't require pulling out into oncoming traffic. If you need to go a different direction, simply go down and turn around.

Just politics

Those that dislike Trump do not have the capacity to be objective. The "tantrum" he threw was neither uncalled for or childish. What I submit is that it was a public example of partisan politics. When Waters or Pelosi employ the tactic, it is called "hardline." When Trump does it, "childish." The Democrats want to let illegal aliens into our country to debase everything America is and have them blindly vote Democrat. The wall will cost somewhere between $8 billion and $25 billion to build. Mexico "will" participate in the cost. The funding is there for the wall. The problem is that the Democrats cannot politically afford to let Trump have one more success to add to his strong economy, low jobless rate and beneficial tax cuts.

A minority?

The writer that didn't like Walmart is obviously an extreme minority. Stores don't close because they have too much business. If people go to Walmart instead of another store, it is because they choose to. If you have a hamburger joint down the street from McDonald’s, you better have something special to attract customers.

Experience matters

Amazing how many young whippersnappers think they’re qualified to take on the governance of a state or even the entire U.S. ahead of older, more knowledgeable persons. The affairs of the state and world are very complex and we don't want on the job training . For instance we have a person wanting to run for governor of this state who wants to start his career in government as governor.

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