Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 16, 2018

Job well done

Many thanks to the men from the water department who came out in the cold last night and fixed the water pipe in our neighborhood on St. James Boulevard. There had been a leak and they had to work in the mud and it was cold and dark. It was an unpleasant situation. My family and I are very grateful that we had our water service restored.

Consider weight

The opinions on the proposed tax on vehicles which consume less fuel causes me to respond. I have always felt the tax for road repair and construction is misplaced. Heavy vehicles have always proven to be the worst enemies of the road surfaces. I would support a prorated assessment/tax on vehicle body weight.

Holiday season

This is to the post office. I order stamps from my mail lady as I can’t always get to the post office. At this time of the year, could you please put Christmas stamps in my envelope instead of flag stamps? They are much better when sending cards overseas.

Always a tax

If you go to another state and there are no taxes on food it is very possible it was taxed before you bought it. Then they charge more. There is no way it is getting to the customer tax free. An example, look how much tax is charged on gas alone, but you don’t see it.

Pick wisely

I have tried to tell several students that they ought to go to their local non-profit community college rather than to a for-profit private college which issues worthless diplomas and make millions off student loans the students can't pay back. That’s because they can't get the jobs promised when they started there.

Take action

We have seen a few Sound Offs over the last couple of weeks on the grocery tax. I took the time on Dec 8 to write to my state senator and representative. To date, no response, no acknowledgment. Please write you state delegation too.

Some questions

Why tax hybrids, because they don’t pay enough road tax? Why not tax skinny people because they don’t buy enough (taxed) food to pay for state services? Why not tax large families because they don’t pay enough (property) taxes for schools?

A fair tax

I, too, am a hybrid owner. I was upset by the $70 surcharge until I learned that the gas tax funds road maintenance. My hybrid needs the roads as much as any car, so it's fair that I pay my share. At last count, 11 states have adopted the same method.

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