Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 15, 2018

Drop the tax

Why should the poorest state in the union, with the most people in lower paying jobs, charge a tax on groceries? We all eat. Step up to the plate and eliminate the tax on food.

Pay your share

To “changing my vote,” your not being discriminated against by owning a hybrid vehicle. You are being asked to pay your share of the funds needed to build and maintain our roads. Your position on discrimination is you want someone else to pay your share.

Person not party

I'm nominally a Democrat, but in a presidential race I think the person outweighs the party. If elected, he or she becomes the leader of the party and is capable of bending it (witness Trump.) Therefore, I voted for H.W. Bush both times. I did not vote for Bush Jr., after reading-up on his background. It clearly spelled "unfit" as he later proved

Good job

Over the last several months, my wife and I have noticed a steadily increasing number of vehicles that drive without any lights on during hours of darkness. This is not only unsafe; it’s very irresponsible and poses a hazard to everyone. However, tonight I saw a Biloxi police car stopping one of those irresponsible drivers, and I can’t thank them enough for getting those drivers off the road. Great job making our city safer. Keep up the good work. By the way, Pass Road in west Biloxi would be a good place to look for these knuckleheads.

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