Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 14, 2018

Not that old

Two things: Y’all stop calling Drew Brees old. No. 9 ain’t old. He’s bold and he’s gold. Secondly, I love Christmas music. Grinches, stop complaining that the music starts too early.

Changing my vote

My wife and I are a proud Hybrid vehicle owner. When I read about this bill over two months ago I was outraged. Talk about discrimination. The short of it … neither my wife nor I will be voting for any politician who had their hand in this outrageous tax on us 0.5 percent of the Mississippi population. And I hope the auto industry wakes up and retaliates, too.

Drop the tax

We visit your state every winter for four months and I agree with eliminating the tax on groceries. We live in Iowa, which has no tax on food items only. When I buy a $100 of groceries it would be nice to use that extra “tax” for a couple gallons of milk.

Left wing press

It is too bad the Democrats, and their left wing press, wait until a Republican president is dead to give him the accolades he deserves. They hated him while he was president, just like they hated his son and now President Trump.

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