Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 13, 2018

Limited options

Have you noticed grocery shopping on the Coast is becoming extremely limited? Soon it will be neighborhood markets only. As for as me and my house ... we are tired of Walmart taking over everything.

Get over it

I understand the complaints about train horns. We hear them, too. But those rail lines were there long before people built homes near them. You knew they were there when you bought or built your home. It’s like people who bought near airports and then complain about noise. Get over it or move to the country.

Did not hear

I bet the train tracks were there before you got there and probably before the building was there. If trains had no horns everyone would be complaining they didn’t hear it coming.

Childish behavior

So Trump got upset yesterday and threw a tantrum because Congress won’t give him several billions of dollars to build the wall. He says he will gladly shut down the government if they don’t. Kinda like I will take my toys and go home if you won’t let me have my way. Very childish. What happened to Mexico will pay for it?

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