Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 12, 2018

Pay attention

Hey, cellphone zombies. Please don’t just stop and reply to your text or call. Please step aside so you are not in other people’s way. When my phone rings or I get texts, I step to an area where I don’t disturb others. Remember, there are other people on your planet.

Lose the trash

Am I the only person on Cook Road tired of passing the house on Daisy Vestry that has the pile of trash out front? It has been sitting there for a month or longer, just blowing trash around the neighborhood. Please get rid of your trash.

Not backing down

I stand by my comments. The harbor lights website says nothing about parking, other than displaying a map. I followed it and was routed away. And I have yet to receive a response in regards to my concerns. Enough said.

Better service?

I am curious how others feel regarding computer answering systems when calling a business to receive assistance. I am sick of it and foreign call centers. It is difficult to get and understand them.

Build the wall

With the life of a young Pass Christian girl hanging in the balance after having been run down by an undocumented person, I wonder how anyone could possibly oppose building a wall? Or at least making it more difficult to be here.

Survey needed

Yes, when and where a train horn is sounded is regulated. But, we also have regulations governing how loud and how long humans can be exposed to high-noise levels. It would be a willful violation to modify these horns to make them louder and to expose humans to time durations exceeding regulated values. Just checking the mailbox at the Pass Christian post office or visiting one of the nearby parks could lead to hearing loss and other health issues. We need federal safety and health professionals to perform an ongoing train noise exposure survey for this area.

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