Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 11, 2018

Great job

The Gulfport harbor lights are spectacular. The parking and shuttle service is excellent, as well as the trolley ride within the park and the staff on the shuttle buses and in the park are very helpful. Something no one should miss. Kudos to all those responsible for this event.

Pretty convenient

How more convenient do people want parking to be for the Harbor light show? Unless there has been a major change in the parking, all I have ever done was park in the parking garage across the street, pay for my ticket and get on a bus that takes you to the entrance. Sounds pretty convenient to me.

Turn it off

Every phone I'm aware of has this wonderful feature called an off switch. You just use it and no one can bother you during the day when you're trying to sleep.

Your own fault?

Any of you people annoyed by “robocalls” ever ponder what you did in the past to have your number plastered all over the robocall industry? Too late now. Just ignore them, it’s not that hard. Maybe block unknown callers.

Do not worry

Don’t fear more automation. In the 19th Century, 80 percent to 90 percent of the jobs were agricultural. The industrial revolution changed that. We also pump our own gas, operate elevators without help and buy milk at the store without home delivery. Other jobs developed when those jobs were eliminated.

Make an effort

It seems like the business owners would make an effort to check daily for card skimmers placed on their machines, rather than leaving it solely to the customers to protect themselves.

Happy and smiling

Kudos to the organizers for the Gulf Coast Marathon. We volunteered and will continue to do so. The runners were all smiling and friendly and thanking us for handing out Powerade and water. The cleanup immediately afterward left the Coast clean and untouched. Looking forward to next year.

Political pressure?

Something odd about picking a quarterback from the same college two years in a row when the most worthy winner was obviously Tua. Must be politics rather than fairness.

Traffic worry

Sorry to learn that Rouses will move to the old Winn Dixie location in Gulfport. If you live east of there, entering Pass Road against traffic leaving that location is dangerous.

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