Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 10, 2018

Hiller Park tennis courts need TLC

Driving through Hiller Park in Biloxi I could not help but notice what poor condition the tennis courts are in. They need to be repaired and refurbished. Possibly convert some to pickle ball courts. The park looks so good but the tennis courts are a disgrace. Councilwoman Dixie Newman has done wonders for the park. So why doesn’t the council divert some of the money being spent around the city to Hiller Park to rehab the tennis courts?

Let me hear it

I’d sure like to hear about all those more important things that automation is supposed to free us up to do and how we’re going to get there without jobs to pay the bills and pay for college.

Clearing this up

To the person complaining about excessive train whistles in Ocean Springs: First, it’s a engineer, not a conductor, blowing the horn. Second, federal law mandating that the horn must be blown at a certain distance from the crossing and continually sounded until the engine has entered that crossing.

They don’t get it

Anyone who comes on radio or television saying that the Dow Industrial Average went down or up, therefore the market is crashing or rising is telling you that they know nothing of the United States stock market. The Dow is a tiny collection of stocks and does not represent the stock market.

Un-merry time

I understand that there is no perfect time for the counties and cities to send out their property tax statements but there can certainly be a better time than a few weeks before Christmas.Why does it always have to be the Christmas Spirit Killing Christmas Cards courtesy of your local public officials. How about mid-summer when biz is booming on the Coast?

Taxing comment

To “One more holiday” — federal civil servant workers are taxpaying citizens, too. Thank you

Now what?

We are all in agreement that the outfall pipe coverups project needs to be stopped. How do we combine our resources to make that happen before momentum takes over?

Waste of time

In the Army-Navy football game the referee took almost 10 minutes to review one play. This is ridiculous. I wonder how many viewers had changed channels by then.

Special delivery

California hasn’t been content just to legalize recreational pot sales and use, regulators now say it’s fine to deliver anywhere in the state. Even to points that have banned it. So, I suppose soon you could get it delivered like pizza. A few states over and that will get you prison time.

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