Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 9, 2018

Please excuse

To the gentleman from Biloxi who was bewildered by the lack of an understandable parking scheme in Jones Park to see the Harbor Lights: You’ll have to forgive the city of Gulfport government and planners — they have never understood anything about the importance of convenient parking.

Another view

If anyone has ever lived here after a hurricane, when everything’s dark and destroyed, the sweet sound of a train horn lets us know that everything will be OK.

Sound of freedom

I wish people would stop complaining about the Woolmarket Range. Those shots are the sounds of service members learning to defend our freedoms.

Drop the tax

Thanks to the writer published in Sound Off on Saturday. After being gone for 37 years I simply forgot about the ridiculous sales tax on groceries. It hurts all of us especially the poor. Lived in six states; none have sales tax on groceries. Let’s all write our state senator and representatives.

Better piers

The summer of this year we lost the Courthouse pier to a tropical storm. It is now into December and still no lights on the pier. You say you want to enhance Gulfport. Why not build a better pier out of concrete like the one in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It has all the bells and whistles, including bathrooms.

Nice tributes

All of the tributes for President George H.W. Bush and the funeral services for him were wonderful. Everyone had nothing but nice things to say about him. He was a great man who gave most of his lifetime in service to his country.

Stop the calls

I agree about stopping the phone calls. I work at night and try to rest during the day but often can’t because these companies get your number and are allowed to call you but often you can’t talk to anyone and for sure you can’t call them back. If you block them, the same people call you from another number. If they can call us, why can we not be allowed to call them and tell them we don’t want what they are selling? Leave us alone. These cell phone companies and FCC regulators could and would help if they were not making a profit from our frustrations.

True feelings

Great, so now I’ll have deal with robots in my way instead of employees with giant carts. Well at least now I can cuss them out loud instead of under my breath.

Wondering ...

Is Alexa a bug?

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