Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 7, 2018

Hurry it up

The lottery was approved, much to the dismay of some elected officials. Now the implementation will probably take years. How about the wants of the people?

Welcome back

Great to see the King family Christmas display again. I remember it from when I was a kid. My family would all pile into the car and drive over from Biloxi to see it. And it’s all free, unlike the Gulfport harbor display.

Laughs on them

The media believes they can destroy Trump with fake news. The laugh is on them, and you Democrats, because the more you complain the higher his approval numbers climb.

Taxpayers as well

Federal civil servants are taxpayers too. There are plenty of more costly and wasteful things “us taxpaying citizens” can and should be complaining about with this administration.

Showing restraint

The press showed remarkable restraint in not bashing Trump for the last three days. Of course it was only out fear of disrespecting the Bush family by making it all about Trump.

Why the noise?

One of the few things I do not like about Ocean Springs is the trains making excessive whistle blowing noises by the crossing. The train crossings have the lights and the gates to tell the people when a train is approaching. Maybe the conductor of the train just likes to make the people of Ocean Springs wake up at night?

Warmer weather

This is for the writer who wanted to know why the white pelicans are migrating. We have seen a lot of white pelicans in Minnesota. In fact there are several lakes in Minnesota named “Pelican Lake.” This time of the year, I’m sure they are a part of the “snow bird” migration to the South. Being a “snow bird” myself, I know exactly why they are here.

Stop the calls

I agree with the recent Sound Off about all these robot calls. How can these phone calls be stopped? I'm on the national no-call list and it doesn't work. I report these type calls all the time and I still get them. Any suggestions?

Rule of law

A legislative coup is under way in Wisconsin to severely weaken an incoming Democratic governor. How anyone can believe Republicans stand for the rule of law and respecting the will of the people is beyond me. They continually prove that they do not.

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