Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 6, 2018

Stop the robocalls!

I would support and vote for any candidate who would absolutely commit themselves to eliminate robocalls. I don’t care if they are Democrats, Republicans or independents. If they are not successful, I would vote them out. These calls have to be stopped!

A true gentleman

RIP President George H. W. Bush, a true gentleman and statesman.

Seeing the white pelicans?

Have you seen the white pelicans soaring over the area. I spotted two very large flocks this week soaring over the Bay St Louis beach, one in a long wing formation, and the other, 50 or so birds just gliding along with the wind in a big circular motion toward the southwest. I watched them for a good 10 minutes, beautiful. I’ve spotted white pelicans in this area several times in my lifetime. Don’t know why they’re migrating through here this year but I loved seeing them in flight.

Life is difficult

Why is it so hard to unwrap the plastic from my cheese stick? Why is it so hard to pave a road in Biloxi? Why is it so hard to change a light bulb on a bridge? Why?

Solution to late mail delivery

Why not simply forget about your mail one day? Then you can check your box whenever you want during the day and there’ll always be mail unless you didn’t get any. Problem solved.

There really ought to be a law

Mississippi needs a law that requires political signs be picked up within a certain number of days after an election. If they don’t get picked up then the candidates should be fined for each sign that’s still sitting on the side of the road. It’s ridiculous to have political signs on public property this long after an election.

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