Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 5, 2018

Future jobs

Walmart is preparing to roll out autonomous floor cleaning and shelf stacking robots. Amazon is experimenting with locations without cashiers. McDonald’s is steering us toward kiosks for ordering food and already have perfected the technology to make it without human hands. Students should be preparing for the jobs of the future, not the past.

Loss of decency

James Baker, the lifelong friend of President George H.W. Bush, said that our 41st president achieved the presidency by being kind to everyone. That is such a stark contrast to the president we have today. It makes me sad for the loss of the decency we once had in our presidency.

One more holiday

I liked Bush 41, he seemed to be a decent president. However lets call this what it is. The "National Day of Mourning" is simply federal civil servants getting one more paid holiday on the backs of taxpaying citizens.

Economy imbalance?

America’s declining morals stem from an imbalanced economy.

A fabrication?

The recent New York Times op-ed by Charles Blow says unequivocally we should all realize President Trump or his circle was in collusion with the Russians and compromised by their leverage over him — because the left believes it. That’s precisely why I don’t believe any of it. After two years Mueller hasn’t found any such thing. It’s pure fabrication and propaganda.

All about him

Donald Trump loves campaigning more than anything else because it’s all about him.

Solving the problem

Agree with “Clean Up Our Gulf” about not spending millions to decorate drainage pipes that continue to pollute the Gulf. The design competition was incorrectly scoped out to engineering firms — it should have asked them to propose a way to eliminate the pipes and the pollution. Yes, a series of numerous two-level pumping stations designed to look like the CTA bus stations, with public restrooms and showers, rental concession areas, rental beach umbrella and jet ski spaces, and picnic tables, should redirect the U.S. 90 stormwater back to a treatment plant or plants, then that “clean” water should be directed to Back Bay, Wolf River, Bay St. Louis, etc. for further dilution prior to making its way to the Gulf. All pump stations would have emergency generators and fuel supply for power loss to the pumps during and after storm events. It would cost tens of millions, and could be phase constructed, but at least the millions would be solving the pollution problem and not putting a decorative band aid over it.

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