Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 4, 2018

Thank you

A tip of the hat to the Gulfport policeman who recently found and returned a check for $2,700 that I had lost. Many thanks.

Please remove

The Mississippi Department of Transportation, at U.S. 90 and the Bay St. Louis bridge, has had construction warning signs since before September 2018. They have been laying down by the roadway. They are a hazard to a driver’s control of their vehicle. The nearest construction is over 1.5 miles away. Please remove the hazard promptly.

Don’t be rude

Rudeness such as tailgating while driving is resulting in numerous serious injuries, tremendous physical damage, and ultimately much more expensive auto insurance rates.

Can’t fall lower

Mississippi getting more money from Uncle Sam than any other state didn’t do us much good in the long run. We are behind in every marker, so maybe now our politicians will hustle and make better decisions for citizens. We can’t fall much lower.

Take down signs

Would a member of the following political campaigns please remove their signs in front of the voting precinct on Success Road in Saucier? The candidates are Espy, Dickinson, Sukmann and Alphonso. Thank you.

Let’s celebrate

In addition to your writer’s comments, Mark Twain also said “ 85 percent of the things we worry about never happen.” So rather then playing the odds, maybe we should celebrate all the people who have jobs this Christmas season.

A novel idea

Having one senator from each party is not a bad idea for a state since there would be one to help their state regardless of which party is in power. Alabama did it.

Loves campaigning

Too bad Mr. Trump doesn't enjoy running our country as much as he enjoys campaigning.

Ferry service

Y’all forgot to mention the recent ferry service to Deer Island. Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman put so many restrictions and regulations nobody wanted to bid the contract. I was the one who brought the idea to him originally.

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