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Sound Off for Dec. 3, 2018

Tranquil tourism?

Anyone think that maybe if it was easy for people to get out to peaceful, pristine, tranquil deer island ... it probably wouldn’t be so pristine and peaceful very long.


If there were a market for visiting Deer Island, it would already exist. “No cost to the city?” How do you figure? Public demand has not created a private company’s interest in a water taxi. For a business to build the infrastructure of two landings, one on each shore, it would take an eternity to see a return on investment. Therefore, the city would have to build that. “No cost to the city?”

Bridge a bad idea

Picture this: Our beautiful, peaceful, precious Deer Island with a bridge connecting to the mainland, and the trail of homeless now with a path to pitch tents, pile up trash, harass other boaters and tourists for money, which is bad enough on our existing piers and sidewalks, especially in front of the local casinos, especially in the evening. And then, there’s the issue of personal sanitation stations. How many of them will we need out there, and who’s going to regulate when they get emptied? This is the worst idea I have yet heard to come out of our mayor’s office! Yes, to the idea of water taxis, and create jobs. The local fishermen do not need a bridge to deal with; Mother Nature is hard enough to deal with! The mayor has had some great ideas, like opening up Howard Avenue, but this one doesn’t even come close to flying.


So many rude, ill-mannered, disrespectful people of all ages here on the Coast. Must be something in the water, or bad parental units. It’s not a sign of weakness to have respect for others, or to be courteous, attentive, polite. Happy holidays.

What’s up with late mail delivery?

I live in west Biloxi. What is the problem with the U.S. Postal Service delivery? Delivery is getting later and later. After 5 p.m. I go out to my mailbox — with flashlight — every 15 minutes checking to see if my mail has arrived. It has not been delivered before 6:30 for weeks. The holiday mail has not begun.

Why not try?

I just read a Facebook piece about how schools in Great Britain, and 32 other countries, are allowing students and teachers to take a 15-minute, one-mile jog each day. It has improved both physical fitness and scholastic fitness of students. I shared the article with several teacher friends and they all said it would never happen in schools here. They all saw where it would be beneficial, but sadly, the powers that be would never allow it. Why not! Nothing else they are doing is helping our schools succeed. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Why not try something new?

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