Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 2, 2018

Great idea

The plan by the Biloxi mayor for a pedestrian bridge to Deer Island is a wonderful idea. Provided it is done properly, unlike the unsightly crossover being constructed on U.S. 90. Deer Island is one of the most aesthetic and peaceful nature areas in the gulf.

Get it up there

Does the mayor have any clue how high a bridge would have to be to clear shrimp boats and sail boats? He's obviously not an engineer. Maybe a drawbridge would work, but it would always be breaking down like the ones on our roads. That's why former Mayor O'Keefe was proposing a ski lift sort of approach. You have to get it way, way up there.

Water taxis?

A bridge to Deer Island is a very bad idea. It would have to be high for ships to pass, wreck a great view and cost a lot of money. How about water taxis at no cost to the city that would create a few jobs?

Not a turn lane

The state, county or city should put up signs that inform motorists the bike lane on Cowan-Lorraine Road is not a turning lane.

Looked exhausted

Want to know how busy FedEx is this year? I had a delivery at 11:30 p.m. at my home in Tradition. I was up and excited to get my package. FedEx delivery man looked exhausted and it’s not even December yet.

Do it now

Dear Republican-controlled Congress: Do something useful. Ratify the U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade deal before the end of this year. A Democrat-controlled Congress will likely muck it up, usually when they impose non-economic, social justice type criteria and regulations into it. They might change or alter it later, but put a GOP stamp on it now.

Says a lot

What happened to Trump's promise to surround himself with the best? Now his former lawyer is pleading guilty. Who you surround yourself with says a lot about a person.

Watching football

Due to antics of NFL players, on and off the field, during the past 18-20 years, I have watched only 3 games. All three were Super Bowls. Their dancing and prancing in the end zone was the first antic. If you want to dance and prance, go sign up for a ballet class. This is football. Unfortunately, some of those antics have drifted down to the college level. The NCAA does a better job of nipping most of it in the bud. On Saturdays my routine is to watch two games live and record two. By 2 a.m. or so as I am going to bed, my eyes are almost shaped like a football.

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