Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 1, 2018

Some concerns

One city leader thinks a steel suspension bridge or a ski lift with steel cables will hold up in this salt environment. There’s a big difference between London, the snow mountains, and Deer Island. Is Fo an abbreviation for foolish or folly? Just wondering.

Saints of old

The Saints played ball like the "Saints of old" last night in Dallas. They played "amateur stupid ball."

Clean it up

Ditto on the political signs on Canal Road and in front of the Long Beach School District administration office. They need to be cleaned up, too.

Where’s the spirit?

Ever count the city decorations on the power poles? Wasn't that long ago they were on almost every pole. After Katrina, they were just on the roads near the mayor and councilmen. Now, it's like spotting an endangered species. With all the revenue from casinos, seawall taxes etc. surly the city can afford more, or do they now offend?

What he said

Mark Twain said it best: "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled."

Stopping the calls

Congrats to the person who blocked an annoying robocall or telemarketer. Good job. Now, do you have time to block the other millions of phone numbers they have access to so they can call you again? We are not going to get any relief until the FCC takes meaningful action to block or takeaway the tools they are using to violate the law day after day. Warning the public about robo-calls and telemarketers is a joke; it does not stop the perpetrators.

A real mess?

I hope the patrons are not allowed to take pizza to their seats at the new theater. That could create a real mess.

Let them finish

Wouldn't it be refreshing if every one would quit guessing as to the outcome of the special council investigations alleging Russian collusion by the Trump administration? Particularly the media who is constantly reporting on information from "sources," leaks and rumors with no facts to back them up. Why don't we just let the special council finish his investigation, make his report to the attorney general and after the White House prepares their rebuttal, release the entire report to the American people, unfiltered, who had to pay billions of dollars for this fiasco. Then the media talking heads can have at it and analyze it and tell use what its says.

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