Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 30, 2018

Clean it up

Wednesday, I passed the church on Canal Road that serves as a polling place. There must have been 50 or more campaign signs still up. This church generously provided its building as a service to the republic. The least candidates and supporters could do is come and clean up their mess from the church’s yard.

Too expensive

I agree with “Lower the Price” in a recent Sound Off. $10 and $5 for admission to the light festival is too high for most folks during this time of year. It’s on public property. Let children under 12 in for free and maybe charge $1 or $2 for adults. Gulfport, why not seek a few private donors to offset the cost? Maybe some Gulfport merchants would chip in.

Victory dance

I wonder why none of the winning candidates in Tuesday’s election did a choreographed, “look at me, I'm the greatest” victory dance.

A lost vote

Just wanted the candidate whose workers repeatedly bombarded me with phone calls to know that I deliberately voted for her opponent in the recent election. I'm not talking about Cindy Hyde-Smith, but someone running for a local office. These people called me several times a day, day after day. This type of harassment is disgusting and it lost her my vote.

Holiday trash

Hey Biloxi. Just when is collection day? I put my recycling, trash and garbage out Thursday evening because collection day is every Friday. However, my neighbors don't know this, and their cans and refuse stay out all week long. It's not very aesthetic and most folks have a hard time incorporating the cans with their holiday decorations.

Broaden your work

I wish that the Sun Herald would spare a little ink from its daily multi-column adulation of the Saints and cover the Mississippi State men and women's basketball teams.

Gone in seconds

Having an uninvited solicitor come to my door yesterday angered me at first. However, when he said he was going door to door for Cindy Hyde-Smith it gave me great pleasure to say, “I’m not voting for her.” He was gone in seconds.

Not buying it

You can stop with the propaganda for the port because we aren't buying it. What a joke to include casino employees as port workers. The quota for well-paid port employees will never be reached.

Less evil choice

The smear campaigns thrown at opposing politicians has gotten out of control. What is bad is both parties say they are the good guys, so they feel it is OK. I guess that’s why they do it. Most people I talked to were voting for the “less evil” of the choices.

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