Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 29, 2018

Thanks for help

I had lunch at Mugshots in Gulfport yesterday with 15 senior ladies. We received the best service from our waiter, Drew. He was very patient and kind. When I left the restaurant I discovered I had a flat tire. I put in a call to my motor club but before I heard back from them, Drew came out and quickly took off the flat and put on the spare. I can't thank him enough and I want everyone to know how wonderful this young man is.

Just wrong

Well I guess we see who the Sun Herald is rooting for. Usually everyone is dogging your articles for talking bad about Trump. However today on voting day, now it seems to be a racial thing. Both articles on the front page were in favor of Cindy Hyde-Smith. That was wrong. Just my opinion. And I'm pretty confident this won't be printed.

Voter push?

Sound Off writers who complain that the newspaper is not Republican enough are wrong. Tuesday's election day front page was one get-out-the-Republican vote push.

Relief needed

Does CNN cover news anymore? I’m kind of wishing someone would start a just plain news channel again. No slant, spin, left, right, commentary ... just news. Might not make much money, but what a relief it would be.

Not gullable

The president continues his daily public attacks on the Mueller investigation knowing that members of his staff have already pleaded guilty. The public is not that gullible.

Downward spiral?

I’m sure the Mississippi Senate race gives Trump pause to see that almost half of the voters were not for he and Cindy. Mississippi will now continue on its downward spiral in education and health care.

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