Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 28, 2018

Blocked numbers

This is to all the people who call my house and hassle me to vote for you. I have your numbers blocked.

Don’t ignore me

At a sit down restaurant, if my order is going to take awhile, please tell me. Give me updates, bring me something to tide me over. Don’t ignore me or I will leave and go eat fast food.

Not happy

I was asked to remove my Trump hat while voting this morning. I told them he’s not running but was told someone might complain. I held it in my hand and voted but covered it with “I voted” stickers on the way out. I’m not happy.

Harder to fix

If Walmart went out of business we would have an enormous problem in the number of people out of work and losing everything. It would be worse than the last bank problem because it would be harder to fix.

Get it fixed

There are 55 lights blown out on the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge. Pretty soon we will be crossing in the dark. Use my tax money and buy a light bulb.

Wise decision?

Why the USM athletic department would even consider a possible offer to play in the Bahamas Bowl is a mystery to me. Did not a previous trip to play in the Hawaii bowl several years ago result in some very strong personnel problems for the university? Many loyal fans could not attend because the bowl was a financial impossibility for most. Even though the Bahamas Bowl is closer than Hawaii, it would still be very costly and out of reach for many, many fans.

The real issues

Well, today’s vote will determine if Mississippians want to remain last in education, health and wealth. Remember, you get the representation you vote for.

New editor needed

The Sun Herald needs a new editor. There are too many mistakes in our paper.

Spirit of Christmas

I think Trump should spend some tax dollars, rent a Disney cruise ship and give the migrants a first class ride to San Francisco. Maybe Nancy Pelosi can meet them all at the dock and put them up in her mansion. Spirit of Christmas and all.

Corporate donors

The reason PBS has had to turn to more and more corporate sponsors is that the "public" is stingy in giving. I give to MPB monthly. How about you?

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