Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 27, 2018

Keep the faith

What a wonderful story that was about Tawnya Lundberg and her life as a drug addict. She endured so many struggles, but the one thing she always reverted back to was the Bible and God. There are several faith based Celebrate Recovery programs on the Gulf Coast that I know of. If you or someone you know is struggling with addictions or other problems, I highly encourage these programs, they will help you. God bless you Tawnya and continue to keep your faith.

Give it a rest

Hope the Golden Eagles get a bowl bid so the sports section of the local paper will give it a rest.

Stop the celebrations

I am a big NFL fan. But I am so sick of the excessive celebrations after a great play. Why can't these supposed adults act like they do this all of the the time? I am getting ready to quit watching football unless they start acting like adults.

Fix the problem

At this time of year, there is heavy traffic in the area of the Gulfport Harbor Lights Winter Festival as hundreds of cars and thousands of people flock to enjoy this holiday event. On Saturday evening, there were quite a few parking assistants south of U.S. 90 directing cars. The biggest problem is that the winding street south of U.S. 90 and U.S. 49 leading to the port of Gulfport and along the railroad tracks in that area is not painted showing the center line of this two-way street or the outside edges of the street. There are deep trenches on both sides of this road. Please paint a center line and boarder lines.

Roads are terrible

We agree with the retired engineer who said the entire Biloxi city council and mayor need to go. With few exceptions, our roads are terrible. Too hard on vehicles and passengers.

Think first

I don’t have anything against people drinking and living as they choose. What I am sick of is them getting plowed and crawling behind the wheel of their two-ton killing machine. Come on. It’s 2018 and everyone knows no one is immune to reckless driving while drunk. And there are so many programs to get you safely from point a to point b. What are you thinking?

Lower the price

The Harbor Lights look awesome from what I’ve seen from the road. I’m sure there’s a lot of families with young children that would love to see them but cannot afford to go. Christmas time is a great time of year, but also financially stressful for some. Yes, $5 or $10 is a lot to some. What a shame having to pay to visit a display on public property. Maybe they should have asked for donations instead?

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