Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 26, 2018

Be seen

It has become common for accounts of auto accidents to state whether the occupants (whether dead or alive) were wearing seatbelts, which it is hoped encourages the use of restraints. In the case of people injured or killed while walking beside streets or highways, sometimes after dark, it would be helpful to indicate whether they were wearing light or dark colored clothes. This might remind people that they must be seen to be avoided. Just because you can see the cars, it doesn’t mean the drivers can see you.

Sunkist alert

Sunkist Golf Course has been vandalized a number of times in the past few months. I suggest the police be notified if unusual activity is seen in our community.

Make it clear

I used a kiosk to renew my driver’s license using a major credit card. Several days later, I received a receipt crediting my account because the card was rejected, which caused me to have to make another trip to renew my license. Please post a sign by the kiosk showing which cards are accepted. Thank you.

PBS shopping

When did PBS become a home shopping channel and corporate billboard? It’s getting ridiculous. Is the government still pouring money into PBS? If yes, why?

Animals on planes going too far

Great article in Saturday’s paper about animals on planes. I agree that trained service animals should always be allowed but the increasing number of emotional support animals is (in my opinion) trumped up and perpetrated on the public and should stop. If an animal hasn’t been professionally trained, and have written proof from a veterinarian of disposition and shots, and then a signed letter from a doctor stating a valid reason why the individual needs the animal — all should be provided to airline at least two weeks in advance

Santa for a Senior

I recently spent some time with my 91-year-old mother in a rehab/nursing home facility. We got to know many of the residents. They are all precious, beautiful people. As we left the facility, it occurred to me that many of these folks would be alone during the holidays as many don’t have family or any family that comes to see them. Then I came upon the “Santa for a Senior” tree at CVS! I was so happy to see that there is a way to help out the elderly who would otherwise be forgotten. I happily “adopted” a couple of seniors because I had seen firsthand how much this would mean to a lonely older person this Christmas. I hope lots of others will do the same!

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