Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 25, 2018

Trash schedule

I'm happy with Waste Pro's garbage schedule in Gulfport. Easy to remember: No pickup on six major holidays. Period. Since we have twice-a-week service, it's not a problem. No trying to figure if it runs one day late when Groundhog Day falls on a weekday that ends with "Y." Now, Gulfport recycling ... that's a subject for another Sound Off.

Sore arm?

I wonder if the current president ever gets a sore arm from constantly patting himself on his back.

Confused by politics?

Republicans have moved the country so far to the right that even Reagan could be confused for a liberal.

Not a waste

Oh, come on. Street lights a waste? Look at all the palm trees planted on U.S. 90. I’d rather they light the road than plant tress that are not native to the area. And then hire crews to water them. I will agree the lights are a bit fancy for Dedeaux Road.

A good deed

Take magazines you've read to the information desk at your local hospital. It's a real service to people in waiting rooms to have something fairly current to read.

Mistakes were made

Blue or red, anyone really listening during the Senate debate needs to think about the preparation of the candidates. Multiple mistakes on names of Senators and press. Am I the only one bothered by this?

Too late

Please put the phone down while driving this Thanksgiving weekend. Do all of us favor and pay attention. Have some respect for the others on the road ... when you lose a love one it's too late.

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