Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 24, 2018

A happy holiday

To the person at the Mexican restaurant in Saucier ... you may have thought it was cute to sling mud all over my car. Well, I could and should be mad, but I’ve decided to say may you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving.

Where’s the work?

Well, here we are coming up on the new year. The piers that were supposed to be done in July have only band-aid fixes. The only thing Gulfport seems to worry about is Jones Park. What a shame when you look at Popp’s Ferry in Biloxi and see what they did to a pretty much derelict property. It is beautiful. I know where I'm going in the future.

Positive impact?

I never see on the news anything about identifying a common problem and both sides working together toward a solution. I never read about anything government has actually resolved that had a positive impact. All I read about are problems. Where’s anything at all that actually produces a positive impact?

Don’t buy it

“Seniors beware” seems to be complaining about robocalls, but the next sentence implies you bought something from one of them. The reason those robocalls exists is because somebody falls for it apparently just like you. If no one would buy, the calls would stop. Never buy something from somebody who calls you. If you want something, initiate the transaction yourself. If someone calls and you are interested, ask them to mail the information. If nothing shows up it is a scam.

Fake news

When media outlets fail to report stories that go against their talking points, they become the fake media.

Show the parade

It's Thanksgiving and I turn on the parade. Pick your channel, and 30 minutes in nothing but Broadway and commercials. I want to see the parade. Thousands of participants work for countless months for this moment. Let us see the parade.

Pay attention

If you haven't heard anything about the thousands of central Ameicans moving toward our southern border you are not watching the right news. There are thousands massing at our border now and many thousands more who refused Mexico's invitation to stay there who are moving toward our border.

The debt

Keep drinking that Koolaid if you think Obama didn't lead us into record breaking debt.

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