Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 23, 2018

Seniors, beware!

We are being bombarded with robo calls offering “free medical equipment.” I recently received a free, doctor-approved, elastic back brace. It was a little fancier, with plastic inserts, than one you can buy locally, for less than $50. When it got my Medicare Report, I found they had paid over $1,100 for it and it was made in Italy! I don’t know how this stuff gets by the Medicare inspectors, but it needs to stop!

Olden days

It’s so funny how the media looks back on Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Bush II with fondness and even nostalgia. At the time, they were mocked, maligned, scorned and derided. The left leaning media often portrayed them as uninformed, inept and reckless. Now, because they hate Trump, they seem to wish those “better presidents” were back.

Honestly thankful

I am feeling blessed and thankful — for the honest people who have returned my cell phone the many times I have misplaced it. Love South Mississippi!

Just how much?

We have heard that some money would be given by the casinos, to benefit schools. How much has been given to the schools?

Please explain

How can a person who has had their license suspended for 120 days for refusing to take a DUI test, still have the ability to drive by using some kind of device?

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