Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 21, 2018

Love your neighbor

My religion teaches that we are called to love our neighbor by being compassionate, kind, patient, gentle, just and helpful, not only at church, but also at home, at work, and in the marketplace. There are some who say that we should only practice our religion at church on Sunday and not act on it the rest of the week. Maybe the world would be a better place if we would not be afraid to come “out” to bring compassion, kindness, patience, justice, and gentleness everywhere we go.

Don’t get it

I’m wondering why they make fancy smelling bath soap. Aren’t you supposed to rinse it off? And if you come out smelling like the fancy bath soap, doesn’t that mean you simply didn’t rinse off all the dirt and grime? I don’t get it.

Feeling disappointed

So very disappointed in the Biloxi School Board. I am wondering who is looking out for the students and school employees

Get it right

It’s amazing to me how many write to Sound Off and quote totally incorrect facts. For example, “How Will It End?” says under Obama we were not in debt. Totally wrong. Do some fact checking before you write in.

Uniformed person

Anyone who believes that Obama left America debt free, and does not know that the national debt doubled during his administration, is woefully uninformed.

Final tour?

Better go to the Jazz Fest this year, the Stones might have another “final” tour.

Push the button

My apartment complex has the typical big community dumpsters. Outside the chute is a big red button with a big sign that basically says ‘if the bottom of the chute is full, press the big red button to crunch up the garbage to make room.’ Time and time again ... no one simply pushes the big red button. They just keep loading the shoot until there are bags and containers mountain high outside the dumpster. It’s amazing.

Graceful losing

What do Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Bill Nelson have in common? They cannot accept that they lost a fair and impartial election, even after recounts, lawsuits, hanging chads and whatever else.

No peace

When the Senate candidates debate, we hope someone will ask: “Will you introduce a bill in the Senate to reign in the communication industry for these nuisance calls, including political?” There is no peace in our homes anymore. I have documented 32 numbers.

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