Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 20, 2018

A wish

I love Christmas music. Christmas reminds me we are human. Top of my wish list this year, just below world peace, is that I will one day go from one green light and pass through the next green light without having to stop a second time here on the Coast.

Eating turkey

I am very thankful that I am not a vegan and can enjoy God's gift of delicious turkey meat for our dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

How will it end?

I left a job as manager of a large department. It was non-productive when I took over and it took me 13 years to make it productive. I retired and it is still productive. Does my predecessor get the credit or me? Yes, the economy is thriving under Trump and he is responsible for the increase in jobs due to manufacturing and oil. However, let's be real, he did not inherit a mess. The big difference is under Obama we were not in debt. Now, we are trillions in debt. How do you think this will end?

Job skills

The comments made by Hyde-Smith about a public hanging may or may not have racist but they were definitely dumb. When Trent Lott made a inappropriate remark at Strom Thurmond's birthday party, he lost support in the Republican party. We need a senator we can be proud of. Someone who has the intellect to speak and act. Someone we trust to do what is right.

A few suggestions

I grew up in Long Beach and understand the problem of revenues, but there are so many other entertainment avenues Long Beach could seek besides one more casino. The Coast needs a state-of-the-art theatre that could be used for many types of entertainment and local events. The inside could be vintage with the ceiling made for graphics. Next to that, get one of the hotel chains to come in with a beautiful elegant hotel.

Not worse

Just a observation. I see Louisiana is working on age restrictions and rules for their exotic dancers. But I don’t see anything worse or different dancers are doing compared to what Hollywood puts on TV or in theaters.

Call the library

This is to "Help with Magazines." Your local library would be glad to accept magazines of general interest. Give them a call. I have donated many like Prevention and Home and Garden. They also take books to put in their fund raiser book sale.

Call the thrift store

For the person wanting to know what to do with used magazines. The thrift store is a great place to donate them. My husband loves to go to America's Thrift Store to buy them.

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