Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 19, 2018


Who is the genius who thinks 250 concrete drainage pipes going across the beach is going to be aesthetically pleasing?

Save the trees

How many Long Beach citizens know or care that many large beautiful Live oaks are being destroyed on north Klondyke Road by a developer?

Oh, stop!

With unemployment at 4.7 percent, the lowest ever, we need to elect more Democrats to put a stop to this.

Tuning out

Nonstop Christmas music this weekend — time to change the channel.


Inflated stock value is evidence that a company profits from predatory pricing.

Please explain

How come every time I drive on Mississippi Gulf Coast roads, everyone is going the other way? And those behind me want to go around.

Help with magazines

What can be done with magazines when I am finished reading them?

Sidewalks needed

If Gulfport wants to build sidewalks they should do so on Three Rivers from Dedeaux Road to O’Neal Road. So people walking or on bikes do not use turning lanes. Which is not safe for anyone driving, riding or walking.

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