Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 17, 2018

About time

Many large traffic signs have been laid on their sides along the side of the road on the Bay St. Louis bridge on both sides. They have been there since Crusin’ the Coast. Those lanes are for emergency purposes and are a traffic hazard as well as an eye sore. Come on Mississippi, pick it up!


So why don’t the Feds name the priest that lied about cancer when he in reality has HIV. He spent money that he collected through a GoFundMe on personal expenses not on medical expenses. We have a couple and a homeless man going to trial right now and this priest is getting off? No wonder we do not know who to trust any more.

Bigger burden

Long Beach Mayor George Bass says Long Beach is stagnant. So, lets pass a $20 million dollar bond issue and further burden the taxpayers with the highest property taxes on the Coast. Or, maybe build a ridiculous side walk on the heaviest-traveled road in the city that almost no one will use.

Check the stats

To the fact-checker on the high infant mortality, take a look at the CDC stats on unwed mothers in Mississippi. Again, the state is number one with 53.2 percent of all children being born out of wedlock. That is where the problem begins, whether you are talking about mortality, health care, poverty or education. People are having children and have no way to care for them. The state’s number two ranking as “most obese” doesn’t help matters. Quit blaming government when a little self-accountability would reverse the trend.


Being that Governor Bryant spoke of aborted black babies in his defense of Cindy Hyde-Smith’s faux pas, does this mean that they are just as concerned with the death penalty? From the cradle to the grave, what would Jesus do?

Love for the West

This is the third makeover in downtown Biloxi since the ’70s. Funny, they are trying to make it like it was before they tore it up the first time. It would be nice if Biloxi spent a little money in West Biloxi. After all, the taxes from the mall carried Biloxi for years.


To all of the hypocrites out their getting down on Cindy Hyde-Smith for her comments. I bet bet everyone of you were there and defended Hillary Clinton, with her comments about “they all look alike.”

Real motive

Lynchings, gladiator fights, public executions all had two primary purposes. One: entertainment. Two: intimidation. If there was justice, it was only in lip service. Ms. Hyde-Smith, which is it with you?

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