Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 16, 2018

Matter of death

Phil Bryant doesn’t realize that Mississippi has the highest rate of infant mortality, not from abortions, but from lack of health care, and education for many young mothers. It’s rather ironic that we have the lowest abortion rate nation wide, yet the highest rate of infant mortality. You can fact check that.

Listen up, teens

Too bad that firms are having to coach teen workers on how to be respectful and nice to their customers. Too bad teens are often not taught these lessons at home. Listen up teens, if you want to work. Listen up, parents, and teach your children so they might get a job in fast food as a start in life and beyond. Heard the seniors are preferred these days.(Does not apply to all teens, most are nice.)


Latino family unlawful detained by Hancock deputies is despicable. Why were they pulled over in the first place? Paperwork checked out. Deputies confiscated their identification papers and threatened a legal resident. No probable cause but conducted a comprehensive search. No drugs. Only terrorizing a family with kids. Hancock County will need to get the checkbook out on this one

Not a good idea

Whoever thinks 200 new concrete water outfalls running across the top of our beautiful 26 mile sand beach from Pass Christian to Biloxi is a good aesthetic, doesn’t know what that term means. Doing the math, that’s eight outfalls every mile for 26 miles.

Safety first

Thanks for the article about seat belt use. I did research in the ’50s on seat restraints, was on a rescue squad, and taught driving for 17 years. My most memorable moment was when a member of the Illinois State Police told us, “I never have ever had to take a dead person from a seat belt.”

Not really rules

The rules for voting on the Gulf Coast: 1. Keep your relatives working. 2. Incumbents who have not been indicted are either smart or honest. 3. Return to item 1 above.

Finish first

I don’t live in Biloxi, but have been reading on the infrastructure and bonds that Biloxi have been talking about. Why don’t they finish what they have going on instead of adding more to the bonds and more construction? Start with the drainage and roads then work up to beautifying the city.


It’s a sad fact that there left and right wing extremists in today’s world. Our leaders need to realize that rhetoric has consequences. They need to stop advocating confrontation and harassment at homes, offices, restaurants, anywhere! Unfortunately, there are nuts willing to take these assaults to the ultimate extreme. It shouldn’t be too late to get back to debate with respect and civility.

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