Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 15, 2018

Danger crossing

A traffic light is desperately needed at the intersection of U.S. 49 and South Swan Road, especially for those turning south while heading west. Traffic is heavy and fast on Hwy. 49, and drivers are moving in several directions simultaneously. Each crossing is perilous, and fatalities are bound to occur.

Too sweet

It seems like there is that one person in every office that partially uses a packet of Sweet ’n Low and puts it back with the rest. They never come back for it — like anyone else is going to use it. For the sake of humanity, throw the thing away! You know who you are.

The real question

The city of Biloxi is paying big fees for a study that is a “duh” moment for the rest of us. Large amounts of money spent to get told you should or shouldn’t do something that is obvious. I would be looking to see who gets paid for the consultation and what connection they have to the city. Therein lies the real question.

Lawful acts

Do not confuse people. Public hangings were lawful actions taken after a person of any race was found guilty by a jury. No racism there. Lynchings were illegal actions taken by racists. To equate the two is a shameful attempt to make the Senate vote about race instead of issues.

From the heart

I certainly don’t understand Cindy Hyde Smith’s choice of words, but deeming her racist is just another example of demonizing people that you don’t like or are opposed to politically. Is there racism in Mississippi? Of course there is. Just like in New York, California, Iowa, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, etc. Unfortunately it will always be there. As for those of us blessed to be in the USA, the climate of political correctness serves to perpetuate it rather than diminish it. Racism comes from the heart, and you can’t change people’s hearts by constant attacks.

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