Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 14, 2018

Not backing down

Hyde-Smith’s remarks about hangings, made in Mississippi and now heard all over the world, are not innocent nor an exaggerated compliment. The biggest problem is her willingness to stay where she is about them, not apologizing. How many more free passes (votes) are you willing to ignore keeping us back in the 50s?

Race card

It didn’t take Espy and the NAACP long to play the race card. However, the statement they cite as racist has the exact opposite meaning.

What’s the big deal?

My grandmother was born in 1887 in Tennessee. When I was a little boy she told me that when she was nine, her dad took all her family to what turned out to be the “last public hanging” in the county. So, what the hell is the big deal about what Cindy Hyde-Smith said?

The right vote

With her public hanging remark and then refusing to back down, Cindy Hyde-Smith has sewed up the Trump nationalist/white supremacist vote.

Nothing’s changed

Cindy Hyde Smith, the voice and face of all Mississippians in our nation’s capital, has shown the world that she is either very stupid or a racist with her comment, “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” As a son of Mississippi, I find this embarrassing and totally unacceptable. This comment is not funny nor is it what she called an “exaggerated expression of regard.” If we send her back to Washington we are telling the world that nothing in Mississippi has changed since 1861.

Still acceptable?

The Wild West was tamed thanks to public hanging. Hanging is still acceptable as a form of capital punishment in some places. Quite trying to pretend it’s racist.

Great jobs

Just wanted to thank our elected officials for enticing companies like Amazon and Costco here to Mississippi. It’s not like we need any good-paying jobs here. So the northerners get richer and we get poorer. Maybe it’s things like lynching references and excuses for the people that say them that keep good companies away.

Leave it be

I cannot understand why the City of Biloxi council is going to pay thousands of dollars for a study to put the convention center on the Tullis property. The property is beautiful with live oaks everywhere on beachfront property. In fact, it was considered for a park at one time and it was considered for the original site of the Biloxi Maritime Museum but was denied because it was a Native American burial ground. This property needs to be enjoyed by the people of Biloxi.

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